Memorable Passage Trophy

Deeded to the Los Angeles Yacht Club in December of 1986 by Louis K. “Bud” Warden, this trophy is awarded to a Member, selected by the Board of Directors, in recognition of the achievement of having commanded and navigated his, or her, own sailing vessel during a single “Memorable Passage”, or ocean voyage, of a minimum of 1,000 nautical miles within a one year span of time. The trophy is for cruising Members only as racers are not qualified. Presentation is made at the Annual Dinner Meeting..

Atop the trophy is a bronze sculpture of a pair of majestic California Gray Whales (Eschrichtius glaucus) which were selected as a symbol for this award for their annual passages from north of the Bering Sea to Baja California and return. The longest migratory trek of any mammal on Earth. The work is one of a limited edition of bronze sculptures made, using the ancient lost wax method, by the famous sculptor Randy Puckett, whose works of dolphins and whales are found in many museums and major private collections.

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