Los Angeles Times Trophy

This is the oldest trophy in the Whitney series competition and one of the most prestigious trophies of the Los Angeles Yacht Club. General Harrison Gray Otis, publisher and owner of the Los Angeles Times (1882-1917), donated this trophy to the Club in 1903 as a perpetual challenge trophy for ocean races in the Southern California waters adjacent to Los Angeles. It was re-deeded to the Club with some minor modifications in 1951 by his grandson, Norman Chandler, then Publisher of the Times (1944-1960), and again in 1976, by his great grandson, Otis Chandler, who was the next Publisher (1960-1980).

The three-handled cup of sterling silver, with the floral motif, is very unique. The silver plinth (base extension), made by silversmith Allen Adler, was added later to accommodate the engraving of additional winners over the years. The mahogany wood base was added in 1993.

It is currently awarded to the series winning yacht in the PHRF B class.

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