Here is a list of common questions you may have regarding our clubhouse, events and programs. If your question is not here, please contact us.

Racing and Sailing

Q: How do I enter races?
A: Each Notice of Race will have a link to Regatta Network, where you can register and pay online. Or, racers may come to the clubhouse office in order to pay and fill out an entry form.

Q: How can I pay for a race?
A: Please see above.

Q: When do I find race related documents?
A: As soon as the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, and course charts have been published for each race.

Q: How do I find out information about ASA classes?
A: Check “ASA Sailing Classes.

Q: How do I schedule a sailing lesson?
A: See “Sailing Classes Signup Form” or contact us via office@layc.org


Q: How do I get in touch with various committees within the club?
A: View “Contact” page.

Q: Where do I find member information online?
A: View “Members” section.

Q: How do I find out about Membership availability?
A: The Los Angeles Yacht Club is sponsor-driven and membership is by invitation only. The Membership Office would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our Membership Director or fill out a membership interest form.

Q: How do I establish reciprocal privileges?
A: Please view “Members” page or contact office and speak to the general manager.

Q: Can I set up auto payments with a credit card or electronic check?
A: Not yet.

Q. I have a login but I am not on the Membership Roster, Why not?
A. You have to specifically be asked to be shown on the Member Roster. Please email your request to office@layc.org.

Reservations & Procedures

Q: What are Mooring reservations procedures?
A: We encourage all reservation requests to be directed to the office by calling 310-831-1203 or emailing office@layc.org. We want to ensure we have the correct information.

If you are NOT a mooring owner:
Mooring reservation needs to be made by an LAYC member only.
Reservations are accepted from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Reservations are for Friday to Thursday only. No multi week available.
Our reservation line opens Monday morning of the week arrival and runs till 3pm on Wednesday. No reservations accepted if call comes in after office hours.

If you ARE  a mooring owner:
Call Monday to Wednesday at 4pm to make your reservation.
mooring number arrival departure special instructions if any.

We need:

  1. Last name
  2. First name
  3. Name of vessel
  4. Size/length (including anything specific about the vessel we need to take into consideration when assigning)
  5. Type: sail/power
  6. Arrival date (exact arrival)
  7. Departure date.
  8. Documentation number or CF number.

Please understand that making a reservation does not guarantee a mooring. Mooring assignments are final. Mooring fee is payable directly to Harbor Patrol. Cancellation must be reported prior to arrival otherwise you will be billed as a “no show.” We will charge a $10 mooring fee for the service of making the reservation through our system.

Q: What are stern tie procedures?
A: Please call office for a copy of instructions.

Q: How do I find out overnight berthing availability?
A: Please contact California Yacht Marina, CYM, San Pedro to reserve a slip: https://californiayachtmarina.com/cabrillo-marina/

Clubhouse & Events

Q: Where can I find information on event dates and information for members and non members?
A: view “Events” page.

Q: What are Club office hours?
A: Wednesday – Sunday, 9:00 – 5:00

Q: Food and beverage availability?
A: Angels Gate Bar and Bistro is open for Wednesday Lunch, 12:00 – 1:30; Friday Night Bistro, 6:00 – 9:00. Saturday and Sunday, Bar Food and Beverages. Please call ahead or RSVP at RESERVATIONS@layc.ORG. Kitchen and bar availability subject to change for special occasions and outside events.

Q: How do I book a community sailboat?
A: Contact: office@layc.org

Q: How do I book an event at the club?
A: View “Reservations” page.

Q: Does the club offer referrals to find boat wash and maintenance?
A: Yes. Contact: office@layc.org

Q: How can I get my family flag on the website on my roster page?
A: Send a high resolution photo to office@layc.org.

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