Reciprocal Clubs

Los Angeles Yacht Club maintains reciprocal privileges with yacht clubs listed below.  Reciprocity is available only to LAYC Regular Members for occasional use.  Visitation is offered as a courtesy, not a right.

Reciprocity Guidelines

Yacht clubs are considered a vessel, and as such, LAYC Regular Members should request permission to board.  It is customary to contact the reciprocal club’s Manager, Office Staff or Dock Master in advance to make arrangements for a visit or to obtain a guest dock assignment.

It is also important to inquire about their clubhouse customs and dress code to ensure proper etiquette is followed.  Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the Office Staff, present your LAYC Membership Card for identification and sign their Visitor Logbook. No business should be conducted on their premises.

Should you wish to visit a yacht club not listed on these pages, please ask our Club Manager Paul Diaz to contact their Manager in advance to make the proper introduction of you as a Regular Member and to obtain their consent to your visit on the date and time that you expect to arrive.

List of reciprocal clubs

Yacht Club NameCityStatePhone #
Cabrillo Beach Yacht ClubSan PedroCA310-519-1694
Buccaneer Yacht ClubSan PedroCAN/A
San Luis Yacht ClubAvila BeachCA805-595-2017
Seal Beach Yacht ClubLong BeachCA562-594-6337
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