Our Facility

The Los Angeles Yacht Club shoreside clubhouse is the base for activities. It’s a beautiful two story facility with a full bar, lounge area, and formal and casual dining seating. The Angel’s Gate bistro has outdoor deck seating overlooking the marina.  Our dining room is a lively place every Friday evening and whenever there’s a race, cruise or party shaping up. The dining is excellent, courtesy of the club’s own executive chef. Downstairs is our formal entry, office, library, and meeting rooms for junior activities and sailing instruction.

The club features an impressive collection of great sailing trophies, ship models, half-hull plaques, and burgees from international cruises. Included in the nautical decor, are paintings done by Staff Commodore, and legendary Disney artist, Ray Wallace.

The clubhouse is located next to Cabrillo Yacht Marina, in Los Angeles harbor. It is adjacent to the DoubleTree by Hilton in San Pedro. Our harbor, marina, and ocean views, coupled with our classically elegant yacht club décor, provide a perfect setting for you and your friends to enjoy.

Additionally, Los Angeles Yacht Club can also provide a superb location for special events. The clubhouse is available for a wide variety of business and social events. These may be on a large or small scale, ranging from private meetings to class association gatherings, from business seminars to family weddings. Our professional kitchen staff and club management will assist you in creating a unique celebration.

Clubhouse Rules

  1. The House Committee has full charge of the Clubhouse, subject to the authority of the Board of Directors.
  2. Club members and members families accompanying them are entitled to Club privileges.
  3. All guests must be accompanied by a member when on Club premises.
  4. Children under ten years of age shall be accompanied by an adult Club member while on the Club premises and no children shall romp about the Clubhouse.
  5. Use of Club facilities shall only be made by members in good standing.
  6. The Club reserves the right to deny or rescind Club privileges to visiting yachtsmen or guests and to absolutely exclude any person under the influence of alcohol. Violation of the Rules, or boisterous or offensive conduct shall be grounds for temporary expulsion of any person from the Club premises, and the directions of a member of the House Committee or Flag Officer shall be obeyed in the connection.
  7. Members and guests are requested to wear appropriate dress in the Clubhouse (sailing clothes acceptable). No bathing suits are allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.
  8. No dogs allowed on Club premises.
  9. Under no circumstances will minors be served or allowed to consume alcohol on any part of the Club properties.
  10. Club property lost or destroyed by a member or a member of his or her family must be replaced or paid for by the member.
  11. Juniors under sixteen are not permitted on the Club grounds after sundown unless accompanied by an adult.
  12. No member may have the exclusive use of the Clubhouse at any time.
  13. The use of cellular phones indoors on the second floor of the Clubhouse is prohibited.
  14. No firearms are permitted upon any club premises or upon the Howland’s Landing outstation premises.
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