The purpose of the Club is to promote good fellowship among its members and to encourage, guide, and develop the sport of racing sailboats and cruising vessels of all types. The purpose of the club has expanded in recent years to include passing on the tradition of excellence, knowledge, and nautical safety as well to the broader community.

Beginning in 1901, with the name South Coast Yacht Club, Los Angeles Yacht Club® has evolved from an inner harbor outpost for yachting enthusiasts, to a modern-day, family centered organization. LAYC® is a great jumping off point to our exclusive Howland’s Landing facility at the west end of Catalina. We provide a great social environment for friendship and camaraderie with fellow yachtsmen and their families.


We are committed to attracting and training new sailors and power boaters with several levels of membership available. We encourage sailors, power boaters, and those new to yachting to apply.

The LAYC mainland facility is located in picturesque San Pedro, CA. It is a fully functioning clubhouse, featuring meeting and dining facilities, full bar and staff. Our commitment to the Port of Los Angeles and community is strong. For those without a boat, or new to sailing, we offer Community Sailing membership level, which takes full advantage of our ASA certified sailing school and a fleet of small keel boats. After training and certification, these boats are available for members use. Howland’s Landing, our Catalina Island facility, continues to be a favorite amenity for member families and guests. This is the only yacht club that maintains its own mooring reservation service on the island.

The clubhouse is a welcoming setting for casual gatherings after a day on the water, or a fun night out for members and their families. We offer a wide range of engaging social activities and clubs-within-the-club. Los Angeles Yacht Club runs some of the most prestigious events in sailing and has excellent racing and cruising programs for our members. We are committed to growing boating through our exemplary community sailing program. We are committed to community outreach, maritime education and exposing others to boating opportunities.

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