Special Guest Speaker | Friday Dinner

LAYC welcomes Dr. James Miller, Professor of Ocean Engineering at University of Rhode Island and  co-founder of FarSounder, Inc., for this special dinner presentation on advancements in sonar technology.

Vessel owners and their captains often worry about hitting underwater obstacles, especially if they are sailing in unfamiliar or icy waters. Some of the depth measurements NOAA uses to produce nautical charts off Alaska were originated by Captain Cook in 1778, and may have a position error of more than 100 meters. Even if the charts are correct, there is a chance of hitting an iceberg, as did the MV Explorer in November 2007 off Antarctica (shown at right). As Yogi Berra might
have said: “It’s the Titanic all over again.” Another aspect of the problem is that one of the leading causes of death for large whales is getting hit by ships. To address these issues, Dr. Miller and his student, Matt Zimmerman founded FarSounder, Inc. in 2001. Dr. Miller will be covering the motivation, developmentprocess and technology in their solution for this problem: FarSounder’s innovative forward looking, phased array, obstacle avoidance, 3D sonar.

6:30 pm Speaker
7:00 pm Dinner at Angeles Gate Bistro and Bar, reservations required.

RSVP: reservations@layc.org or 310-831-1203

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